Detailed Financial Projections & Forecasts for All Businesses

You have a vision for your business. You have short- and long-term goals that you would like to meet. But you do not know how to reach those goals or bring your vision to life. This is where our team of expert business advisors at PNF Certified Public Accountants comes in. While we cannot predict the future, we can create projections set in real time to actual numbers that you can work from. The high level of detail we incorporate into your financial forecasts will ensure you have a clear blueprint of how to guide your business objectives, set sales goals and seek additional funding, when necessary.

Financial Projection
& Forecasting Services

To provide you with truly tailored financial projections, we must get to know you, your business and your goals. We must become intricately educated on your finances—past and current. We must understand your industry and where you fit within it. We achieve all of this through close communication, detailed reporting and expert handling of all of your business financial and accounting needs.
Once we know you and your business, we can deliver thorough financial projections and forecasting services that include:

Expected business expenses

Anticipated business income

Estimated costs of goods sold

Needed investor dollars


We will also compare your business to similar businesses in the area, so you know where you stand in relationship to related benchmarks. With this information, you will gain a clear understanding of your business’s future and what steps you must take to reach your goals.


It is important to note that you must revisit financial projections, forecasts and budgets on a regular basis to ensure they are accurate and on-point. You will want to adjust them, or ask for our assistance in adjusting them, when your business needs change.

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With our former CFO, hedge fund and corporate CPA experience, we understand the intricate requirements of accurate financial projections and how to create those projections so they are in line with a business’s goals and vision. Learn how your organization can benefit from our experience and knowledge. Call PNF Certified Public Accountants at 732-605-1529 or toll free at 888-785-5653 or contact our accounting firm online.

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We bring the power of the tax code to businesses in all industries. In addition to our 60-plus aggregate years of accounting and tax experience, our team consists of business owners, bank managers and warehouse managers, as well as current payroll specialists, enrolled agents and real estate agents.

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