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Healthcare Advising Services To Help You Grow

PNF will help you develop a comprehensive strategy to deliver healthcare services by improving quality while also controlling costs.

Strategic Advisory Services
for Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry continues to experience rapid changes. Hospitals, long-term care providers, home healthcare agencies and physician practice groups must prepare for the transition to a system in which cost containment and managed care dominate.

Healthcare providers must make greater strides in the delivery of healthcare services by improving quality, increasing benefits, expanding access and controlling costs. Driven by increasing demands, providers are turning to PNF Certified Public Accountants for help in establishing strategic direction.


A Team With Experience And Knowledge

At PNF, we have dedicated experience working closely with private physician practice groups. Our intricate knowledge of what it takes to run a healthcare organization, tied closely with our insight into what it takes to work well with insurance companies, makes us the clear choice for personalized consultations, strategic advice and on-point financial services.
Healthcare providers currently face a number of challenges—declining reimbursement rates, state budget cutbacks, quality reporting and regulatory compliance requirements, the operational mandates from legislative commissions, and funding shortfalls—that have all motivated the need for physicians’ groups to reevaluate their financial, operational and strategic planning initiatives.
PNF Certified Public Accountants can convert these challenges to opportunities by helping to ensure that your initiatives result in increased patient volume, higher revenues, stronger referral networks and improved physician-clinic relations.

Challenges Facing The Healthcare Industry

Consumerism (patients managing their own healthcare and the associated costs)

Charity care and the uninsured (addressing the uninsured and indigent population)

Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 and Medicare managed care

Rising costs (of everything from medical technology costs to malpractice insurance)

Digital health and patient-centric care (return on investment in information technology)

Quality and pay-for-performance (financial incentives linked to quality measures, performance metrics, and "never events")

Sarbanes-Oxley and transparency (risk management and internal controls over financial reporting)

Workforce adjustments (nursing and physician shortages)

Targeted Services for The Healthcare Sector

Non-clinical aspects of medical practice are changing. Physicians and practice groups are facing unprecedented demands to negotiate managed care contracts, see more patients, get pre-certifications and pre-authorizations, track utilization, deal with practice guidelines, contain costs, market their practices, acquire new computer capabilities, measure outcomes and develop affiliations with other physicians. Doctors need to respond to the needs of a transitioning healthcare system where cost containment and managed care dominate, institutional integration is the norm, and practice consolidations are becoming increasingly necessary and commonplace.
Our aim is to provide such personalized consulting and financial services that your private practice gains the room and momentum it needs to remain competitive and achieve success. This helps you to better direct resources and create the framework for growth and flexibility.

Our healthcare services include, but are not limited to:

Advising boards, owners, managers and staff members on the changing healthcare system landscape.

Managing accounts receivable.

Negotiating managed care contracts.

Structuring alliances.

Organizing and simplifying administrative requirements.

Assisting with strategic planning.

Performing healthcare audits and financial reviews.

Conducting practice valuations.

Structuring mergers and acquisitions.

Organizing and simplifying administrative requirements.

Ready For Change?

If your healthcare organization is struggling to keep up with the continual changes affecting your industry, turn to our professional healthcare advisors. We will help you gain the actionable knowledge you need to keep your organization profitable and successful. Contact us today to get started!

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