Nonprofit Organizations

A Solid Foundation For Your Nonprofit

While your 501(c)(3) nonprofit may not have a full-time CFO, it’s important to the health of your organization to invest in proper financial and accounting services in order to keep your mission alive.

At PNF Certified Public Accountants, we provide dedicated financial services to nonprofit organizations throughout New York, New Jersey and the surrounding region. This includes serving:

Nonprofit Audits, Assurance and Risk Management Services

Social service

Public and
private charities

Associations and
labor organizations

Our nonprofit audits open a window through which to clearly view your operational procedures, internal controls, and financial strengths. We understand the similarities and differences nonprofit organizations face in comparison to for-profit businesses.


Our audits go beyond meeting basic compliance requirements by including, as necessary, risk assessment studies, board presentations on current financial issues, guidance to meet the disclosure requirements of IRS form 990, and planning on emerging, time-sensitive matters such as 403(b) compliance, to minimize unrelated business income tax.


We are familiar with government auditing standards and audits required for various cost reports, including the CFR, AHCF, CHHA and LTHHCP.

Dedicated to Helping Maintain Your Nonprofit Status

In addition to comprehensive bookkeeping, advising, planning and other related financial services, we provide focused services to help your nonprofit organization maintain its nonprofit status. Why does this matter so much to us? We find that many nonprofit organizations are unclear of the requirements of maintaining their status. Additionally, many are unaware of how incredibly difficult it is to get that status back once lost.  


We want to help you avoid this potentially devastating complication, so we will keep this at the forefront of our services
at all times.

Call on a CPA Who Is as Dedicated to Your Success as You Are

When it comes to working with nonprofit organizations, we know one thing is true: your success is measured by how well you live up to your mission and achieve your goals. We promise you this: we will tie our success directly to yours, meaning we will become as dedicated to living up to your mission as you are. You will find a true partner who will stand with you at all times, helping you make smart decisions for your organization. To learn more about how our team at PNF Certified Public Accountants handles financial advice and consultative services for nonprofits, reach out to us. You may contact our team online or you may call us at 732-605-1529 or toll free at 888-785-5653.

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