International Taxation

International Tax Issues for Corporations & Individuals Working Overseas

In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service has devoted extensive resources to pursuing taxpayers with international interests who have allegedly failed to pay taxes due to the United States. Those who are caught face extensive tax penalties and other consequences. At PNF Certified Public Accountants, we can help you navigate complex international taxation issues and avoid trouble. With extensive financial and business experience, we have in-depth knowledge of the complex laws and tax policies you or your business face.

We can assist with:

U.S. corporations with overseas operations

U.S. citizens working abroad, including expatriate tax return preparation and guidance

Foreign citizens working in the U.S.

Businesses and individuals with assets in foreign accounts


If International Taxation Is a Concern, Consult With an Experienced CPA

If your businesses strategy involves keeping accounts outside of the United States, consulting with a CPA is critical. PNF Certified Public Accountants can help you chart a course through cross-border taxation issues.


These issues are complex, and the impact of a misstep can be life changing. That is why it is critical to partner with an experienced certified public accountant who regularly deals with international tax issues—not just a professional who has handled issues within the United States.


At PNF, we have acquired international experience through service to clients throughout New York, New Jersey and the world. This prepares us to answer complex financial questions that span multiple countries, business interests and asset types.


Because of our knowledge and experience, we are well-prepared to spot potential issues before they become problems. We also have the insight necessary to create solutions for businesses and individuals who have encountered problems with the Internal Revenue Service and issues of international business or taxation.

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