Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting

Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting Services in NY & NJ

Claims of financial fraud are rampant across all industries in today’s marketplace. When these claims reach the point of actual administrative or legal action, you must ensure you have a strong team of financial professionals standing by your side.
At PNF Certified Public Accountants, we provide analytical litigation support and forensic accounting services to clients throughout New York, New Jersey and the surrounding metro areas. Additionally, we have previous experience handling the complex financial needs of large corporations and hedge funds.

Common Settings for
Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accounting services are often called upon in a variety of situations, including fraud investigations involving:

Employee theft

The False Claims Act

Financial misstatements

Ponzi schemes

Whistleblower allegations


Why Hire PNF as Your Forensic Accounting Advisors?

Along with gaining a partner who will be forever dedicated to the success of your business, you will also gain a CPA firm that can bring the following three benefits to your fraud investigation:


Extensive experience: Our team brings decades of combined CPA and forensic accounting experience to the table.


In-depth knowledge: We have detailed knowledge of forensic accounting principles, and know how to apply them in litigation settings and administrative venues.


Easy to understand: We can break down even the most abstract financial principles into easy-to-understand terms that help judges, juries, boards and others gain an accurate understanding of your business’s financial situation.

Protect Your Bottom Line With Professional Services From PNF

Our goal at all times will be to protect your business’s bottom line and to ensure your business remains successful. We will always be dedicated to your success, even in the face of adversity. For more information about how PNF Certified Public Accountants can provide you with your litigation support needs, call us at 732-605-1529 or toll free at 888-785-5653 or email our forensic accountants. We will discuss your concerns during a confidential consultation and determine the right next steps for your business to take in light of your investigation.

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We bring the power of the tax code to businesses in all industries. In addition to our 60-plus aggregate years of accounting and tax experience, our team consists of business owners, bank managers and warehouse managers, as well as current payroll specialists, enrolled agents and real estate agents.

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