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Retirement Planning for Individuals & Businesses in NY & NJ

Even the most driven business leaders plan financially for retirement—even if they ultimately use the increased financial freedom to pursue business ventures rather than relax. Retirement planning is critical to financial stability in the latter years, but it is difficult to do it well without insight from an experienced financial professional. At PNF Certified Public Accountants, we have the insight necessary to help you make the right decisions. Our goal is to help you achieve a comfortable retirement for yourself or your business’s employees.

Strategic Retirement
Advising Services

We help individuals and business leaders throughout New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas make strategic and tax-related decisions that impact retirement decisions for themselves and others. We can help you maximize the money available during retirement while minimizing tax obligations.
We can help with:

Asset allocation

Investment performance monitoring

College education funding

Retirement plans



Planning for retirement is complex, and no single strategy is right for every person or business. It takes an experienced professional to spot the right approach for you, someone with the experience necessary to obtain the best possible results, but the small office size necessary to tailor the strategy to meet your needs.


If you are like most of our clients, your business is not big enough to employ a fulltime CFO. But you still require the financial projections and reporting systems to help you make smart decisions about retirement. At PNF, these are the assets we bring to our strategic retirement planning services.

The Road to Retirement Is Long; Let Us Help You Take the Proper Steps.

Whether you are developing an investment strategy or evaluating current investments, PNF Certified Public Accountants can ensure that your portfolio will take into account tax implications for an advantageous after-tax return. The road to retirement is a long one; let us help you take the proper steps to reach your goals.
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We bring the power of the tax code to businesses in all industries. In addition to our 60-plus aggregate years of accounting and tax experience, our team consists of business owners, bank managers and warehouse managers, as well as current payroll specialists, enrolled agents and real estate agents.

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